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At Those Were The Days, we are also vintage bridal wear specialists and have a fabulous bridal showroom in the Edinburgh boutique.  Our rare and ever changing bridal collection is internationally sourced and spans the 1920s to the 1980s and includes gowns, dresses, suits, jewellery and accessories such as veils, tiaras, hats, headpieces and parasols. 

All of the dresses in the collection are chosen because they are beautiful, glamorous dresses and because they are wonderful examples of each era’s styles.  Each dress is also selected because of the high quality of its design, fabric and craftsmanship.  As with the fashion collections, every item is expertly cleaned and restored before it arrives in the boutique. 

A vintage wedding dress is a truly unique item both in terms of it’s design and it’s fit, and because of this we do not offer our vintage wedding dresses for sale online.  Instead we’d love you to visit our boutique to see the current collection so that we can help guide you through the wide choice of styles and help you find your dream dress.   At any one time we have between 80 – 95 dresses in the showroom. Our vintage wedding gowns range in price from approximately £150 to £900, with some really special pieces priced above this.  

With enough time, we are also able to help source dresses and accessories for brides who might have their hearts set on a particular style or era.  

Our bridal photo gallery is a fantastic source for inspiration and showcases some of the styles we typically might have in the boutique.  Why not have a look through the pictures and see some of the beautiful dresses we’ve fallen in love with.

If you would like to ask us any questions, or would like to enquire about booking a bridal appointment then please contact us via the email form below or by calling the boutique on 0131 225 4400.

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